Monday, November 29, 2010

Background Info

For you to really understand what is going on there are a couple of things you need to know. Everything they do at first is to reduce cranial pressure. The damage that has been done is done, but if the brain swells with no place to go then more damage occurs. So they have put a drain in her head to relieve the pressure and the medications they are giving her are to keep her still so her brain doesn't have to work.

People will say, "Well, is she in a coma?" The answer is sort of. They have given her medication that keeps her asleep and still. So, yes, she is unconscious but only because that is the way they want it.

So, everything depends on her cranial pressure numbers. I liked math before but now I am obsessed with the teen numbers. And ecstatic with numbers under 10. They want those numbers to be under 20. So as they do things they are looking for the numbers to stay pretty consistent and that are for sure under 20.

The other thing they are watching closely is her blood pressure and she is on medication to regulate that as well. They don't want her blood pressure to raise because it will increase the cranial pressure. Big Ol" circle there.

She is on a ventilator,not because she "can't" breathe on her own but so the brain doesn't have to do the work of breathing right now. Hopefully she will be able to wake enough to do that for her self.

She has a feeding tube that gives her nutrition. She has wires and tubes going everywhere. If you go look behind your computer it is kind of the same type of rats nest, only she is way cuter than any computer and the technology connected to these tubes are way more important right now than anything I have ever done on a computer.

So that is the need to know to understand part.


  1. Maddi everything is goint to be ok. you are a strong girl and have lots of people who loves you and who are praying for you and your family. LOVE!!!! Sandra, Fernando, Fernando and Mariana

  2. My name is Robert. I was the Paramedic on the Ambulance that took care of Maddi initially that night. I will be in the Salt Lake area this weekend and would love to stop and see her if that would be ok. If it is not, I understand. Please contact me at and let me know. If there is anything I can do for Maddi and your family please do not hesitate to ask.