Monday, November 29, 2010

Recap and Purpose

First I will recap what happened and then tell you what we know. The purpose of this blog is to get the word out about what is going on for all of those who love Maddi. We want to get the information out but sometimes can't call everyone. If you haven't gotten a personal phone call please do not think it is because we don't love you. We do. Sometimes it is just too hard to tell the story even one more time!

On Friday about 6:30 Maddi, Brooke and I were in a car accident in Logan. Turning left at the intersection I was hit by a mini van attempting to race the yellow light. I had waited the entire "green cycle" of the light and most of the way through the yellow, when the oncoming cars began stopping. There was sufficient time and distance for me to clear the intersection while the other vehicle stopped. Instead of stopping the other vehicle accelerated to beat the light.

I had almost cleared the intersection when the other car entered he intersection going really fast and impacted the right rear of the car. That is where Maddi was sitting.

Luckily, the car had side, curtain airbags. If not this would be a different story. Because of those airbags Maddi looks like herself with not cuts at all. Things could have been so different.

Needless to say, Maddi ended up at Primary Children's Hospital. Brooke and I got a special ride to Logan Regional Hospital. We were checked out and let go with minor bumps and bruises. I have a couple of cracked ribs and bruised organs but I would rather be here hurting than there being taken care of. So that is it for the recap.

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  1. Love you miss Maddi!!! We are praying for you sweetie. Get better so you can come and play in "my room" with me again.
    love you!