Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Latest

The Breathing tube is out! YEAH!!!! Maddi is doing well on her own. Her temperature is normal again and she looks so much like herself!

She does have pneumonia but she is so much better today than yesterday that we are excited.

They plan to move her to the Neuro Trauma Unit tomorrow. That is a good sign as well.

Maddi is doing more purposeful movement today as well. She squeezed our hand and will move her arm. Her processing time is not too bad. She was far more relaxed today too!

She enjoyed the Harry Potter reading and reading from the Book Of Mormon.

She has a great pair of shoes and is working hard.

People always ask, is she awake? No, but her brain is still healing and it just takes time. Patience is what this journey is about for us right now.

Tonight feels good and the password is "snogging"

I guess tomorrow I will have to train a whole new set of people about the passwords.


  1. Thats is so good to hear Bev. You guys are in our prayers. Maddi is a spit fire it will take alot to keep her down.


  2. We're glad to hear that Maddy is quickly recovering, Soon everything is going to be fine. We'll keep praying for her and for the family. Good Night!!!!
    God Bless you Family Sanders.

  3. YAY!!! Such exciting/amazing/wonderful news...I will remember to thank the Lord for this awesomeness...and of course continue asking for more healing!!! Snogging...LOL...Good one!!! Has Maddi been responding to you when you read to her?

  4. Hooray! I love the good news, glad to hear the tube is out. We stopped by your house today and Barnes thought he was going to see Maddi, my kids adore her. The pictures on the blog header are so adorable, they tell the story of Maddi very well.
    Thanks for the updates.
    Snogging-good one!!

  5. This is good news! Our prayers are being answered. We send our love and concern as well.(Karl/Shirley Olsen)

  6. It all happens in baby steps!!! But what joy there is when there is purpose behind those baby steps! It is super exciting to hear of these improvements...Neuro Trauma Unit that is a big step and she may feel way more support because they are not so strict on visitors. When she squeezes your hand, if you ask her to let it go...does she? So glad to hear she is beginning to respond, it does take time and we are praying for you all, every day. Love Loni.

  7. this is emily i dont know any one really but i hung out with maddie on halloween and a few other times so iv met you guys and im praying for you guys!! im glad she is getting better! i hope everything works out soon!

  8. Yeah Maddi! We are so proud of you!

  9. Yeah Maddi feel better i will keep you in my prayers. love you lots from Texas