Stories about Maddi

I am not posting these stories in any special order.  So, if your story appears at the top, bottom, or in the middle; it is not intentional.  I simple use copy and paste to import your stories.

from: Katelyn Losee
Maddi do you remember your dog she she? and how i was over at your house playing with her and she through [threw] up on me and i said "the dog yacked on me". even if you don't remember that is something we always bring up every time i visit you. we always have so much fun when we are together like when we spent the night in your grandmas basement and go all freaked out so we had to sleep upstairs (haha). always thinking about you, love you!

from: Ari Utykanski

Do you remember at girls camp this past summer? It was my first time at camp. We shared a tent. Remember when you tried to wake me up because you needed to go to the bathroom and you couldn’t wake me up. You told me about it in the morning.

Do you remember the gummy bears? You, Paige and Carly were talking about gummy bears in a weird way and I came in during the middle of it and just heard Gummy Bears. And I said “I like Gummy Bears because of the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” Then all of you started laughing so hard. I didn’t know why. Then I said “I like Steve”. That was fun. You really helped me through my first time at YW camp. I have more stories too. All the good times we had with the American Girl Dolls and hanging out eating ramen noodles at my house. The day before Thanksgiving when we hung out at your house almost all day until about 5:30pm. That was a fun day too.

from: Abbey Jenkins
story from Abbey as told to a friend, she didn't know I [mom] was listening, but I think Maddi will love it.

I'm pretty lucky know why? Every year I have a sleep over with my aunt (she means Shannon) and pretty much all my girl cousins. And we do make up and eat treats and at midnight we go get slurpees! Then when we come back  us little girls pretty much just fall asleep and the big girls (she whispered the next part) stay up and  watch pg 13 movies!

from: Samantha Larkin
Maddi, do you remember how ever since we went crazy with my high spray how whenever I say, “I like the red kind,” you always say, “I like the green kind to.” And we would start laughing?
Maddi, do you remember when we went to the mall and I told you to buy the black dice bracelet because it was so like you? Would about the perfume at bath and body works that we all agreed reminded us of you?
Maddi, do you remember falling asleep on my couch last Wednesday and waking up at ten thirty? We were so confused!
Maddi, do you remember on the bus how I was giving you guys the Percy Jackson and the Olympians quiz and Logan Bond gave up his number ten for the one that said, “I like hanging out with pretty women,” and he was sitting right next to you?
Maddi, do you remember that song from the Hunger Games? The one that we both loved so much? It went like this-
Deep in the meadow, under the willow, a bed of grass, a soft green pillow
Lay down your head and close your sleepy eyes, and when again they open the sun will rise
For here it’s safe, here it’s warm, here the daisies guard you, from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet, and tomorrow brings them true- for here is the place where I love you
Maddi, do you remember how on the bus you couldn’t stop laughing whenever we said the word “pudding”?
Maddi, do you remember the Teen Writers Conference?
Maddi, do you remember writing Spark with me? Remember the Onion Minions that we wrote into it? What about Fourth Moon?
Maddi, do you remember telling me about the book you were thinking about writing? The one with looking glass strait and the other dimension?
Maddi, do you remember playing my guitar? What about that song that we wrote with Abigail wrote , the one that started out with, “Tomorrow night, the skies are blue. Seas are green, and love is true. Tomorrow night is the night that I say I love you.”
Maddi, do you remember goofing off with my mom’s camera at the park? We got some really cute ones! There was one of you with a finger mustache, and another one of you in front of the football players. Those were the two I liked the most besides the ones with the soda bottle. (Here’s a couple of them, just because)

from: Jessica Bertolio
Ok so one day me (jessica bertolio) maddi and abbigal were standing outside of the school waiting for the after school program bus and we were telling yo mama jokes to each other and for some reason we were really hyper and when we got on the bus we were like bouncing off the walls and we were messing around and maddi fell inbetween her bus seat and the back of the another seat as shown above. It was a super fun and I hope this had helped.

from: Matisse Jensen
Hi um this is Matisse and I think that it would be good for Maddi to have some stories about school so I was thinking of the drama club we did together at Spring Creek.   The first year in 6th grade we did one called "The Medusa" I was that neighbor in it and Maddi was the little girl, Ruby.  Brenda wrote the play and Mrs. Nana was the teacher in charge.  In the play Logan Dzadco was Maddi's dad and her mom turned her dad to stone.  I found her dad turned to stone, fainted, then called the detective agency.  Macayla was the detective and after questioning Maddi's mom she searched the house and convicted Maddi's mom.  Me and Maddi were sitting on the couch of chairs with a blanket thrown over them and I was comforting Maddi and we were pretending to cry.  While we were at rehersals and backstage at the preformance we would climb up the ladder or slide down the ramp.

Our second year Maddi and I were stuck up brats who were completely clueless.  She wrote the play with Brenda and even came over to my house to choose our similar outfits.  The borrowed my brown cammoflauge half jacket and we wore mini skirts with leggings.  Her name was Mercedis and I was Portia.  Luige was the cool kid, Chloe was the nerd and Paul Stock was the teacher.  One day at rehersal we were talking to Paul and he blurted out that he took ballet classes.  Then he danced across the stage and we laughed at him.  THe teachers name was Mr. New-fon-a-gle and we were always pronouncing it wrong.  We loved the new kid and were sad in detention because we were missing our Manicures and dance.  I actually have some pictures of us so I'll attack them.  I hope Maddi continues getting better and let her know that I have checked the blog everyday.  Me, Paige, and Abby  miss you terribly and are trying to buy your favorite al-acart snack,Star Crunchie, everyday.