About Maddi

I did this post on our family blog last summer when Maddi turned 13.  I felt like it did a great job of introducing her to those who are following our blog about this sweet girl.  It gives you a sense of her life before this unfortunate event.  Enjoy!

The baby of the family turned 13 in March. I must do a post about this little lady. Maddison was truly a miracle baby.
I was told I would never have any more children after Mason and actually was encouraged to have a hysterectomy after Brooke was born. I ,of course, rejected that idea because of my deep desire to have a large family.
Maddison Anne Sanders born March 25, 1997 @ 4:55 pm.
There is a little known story about Maddison and her birth. Multiple tests and bi-weekly ultrasounds showed that she had spina-bifada or a hole in her spine.
Thanks to the restored priesthood, a worthy husband,fasting and prayer she was born perfectly whole.
Maddison Anne Sanders 1997
That is a pre-mie outfit and you can see how baggy it is on her.
She had a little spot on her back that looked as though she had a skin graft that has faded over time but the miracle is still something I hold dear to my heart.
You should have seen the look of astonishment on the doctor’s face. She was tiny and frail but whole! What a blessing and a miracle!!!

Maddi _ Grandma Sanders 1999
She was such a fun little baby and we were so grateful to have another member of the family. The other kids took to mauling and mothering her right away.
Maddi Playing Puppy _4 yrs_
Thirteen years later Maddi is still tiny in body but great in spirit. I love this lady and enjoy her so much!

Here is my Lucky Thirteen Gratitude List:
Baptism Dress.
1. Maddi’s intuitive nature is genuinely aligned with the side of right.
Tying flies with her daddy.
2. Her kind loving heart.
Maddie with her loaded car 1
She started early as a hoarder.
3. Her willingness to stand up for those who are overlooked or mistreated.
4. Her creative artistic nature.
I am not sure why God sent me creative people, I do not belong to that group at all.
Building a hut with Brooke.
5. Her desire to learn and study truth and gain knowledge for herself.
6. Her gentle, affectionate, snuggly nature.
7. Watching her play with “Jesus” as her imaginary friend.
8. Her love for everything beautiful; music, dance, art and crafting of all genres.
This board and puddle were her “clubhouse” for the first summer in the Nibley house.
9. Her ability to admit her own faults and her willingness overlook them in others.
Mason and Maddisons space ship 2007 _1_Mason and Maddisons space ship 2007 _3_
She and Mason built this cardboard “covered wagon” out of a box and a wagaon.
10. When she sets a goal she achieves it despite how distracted she becomes.
Maddi 2005 _6_
11. Her compassion and love for those around her.
Maddi 1997
You can see how tiny she was. Those are my fingers that are the same size as her hand.
12. Her ability to see the bright side of life!
Maddi _amp_ Skylee _ Jackson Hole Wy 1999
13. Her overall happy nature.
Maddi and Josie!
I could go on bragging about this girl, but I am already a wordy writer so I will abstain.
She is endowed with so many talents and abilities but I guess you will have to get to know her better to really appreciate her.

She isn’t perfect but she fits perfectly in our quirky, crazy family!
I love this photo of Maddi and Jacob.
I am so grateful for her contribution to the great family we have! She may be the caboose but there is nothing insignificant about her.
Maddison BD 3-25-2001 Hug for MOM
You can almost still feel that hug when you look at this photo!
We love you Maddison Anne!!